Lindy Hop Swing-Out INTENSIVE Classes to start 2015 !!!!

me and jamie

Hey Guys! We are getting right back into the nitty gritty~

Our focus this series is to give you ample variations for your swing-outs!

I can promise you guys are going to be doing a LOT of swing-outs and getting them all too look super awesome!


Some of these variations are our own originals movements, some we have taken from a range of Lindy Hop Masters.


Where is it?!!? In the basement!!!

Hongik University Station Exit 5

Korean Address: 서울시 마포구 동교동 174-8번지 지하1층

When is it!!!?! Every Thursday from January 15th – February 5th: 8:30– 10:00pm. Afterwards, there will be practice time available so we can really master the material or just use that time to have fun and experiment!!! Practice is open to ANYONE, but you must pay a 5,000won entrance fee if you are not a member of the Ringopop class.

How much is it gonna cost me?

Beginner class: 70,000won for 4 weeks!!

                            *Couples registering together get a 5000won discount!!!

Payment can made here via Bank transfer:or at the door:

Kookmin Bank (국민은행 링고팝 이서호) 445701 01 228157

Typically in Korean Swing bars there is a class fee you pay once and a venue fee you pay separately each time you enter. We have done away with that fee so it’s one easy flat rate.


(If there are any problems with the link, please let me know~)

Who: Your instructors for this session will be Ommey (USA) and JO (KOR).

cool american

Ommey was born and raised in DC. He has danced all over the world and studied under the best instructors in the world. He has placed in competitions in Japan and in the United States. He was 4th in the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2012 and was a finalist in several competitions all along the East Coast. His philosophy for swing revolves around happiness, fun, and creativity. He truly wants all his students to have a good time and dance a LOT (in the class and on the social floor). His aim is to give you the confidence to rock out on ANY dance floor (and you will!).


Jo Pic


Jo loves Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, and Argentine Tango. She went to Australia as a lindy baby and was no longer a beginner when she came back to Korea a year later. She went to 13 swing dance festivals during her trip and learned from various interstate and international teachers. She has taught for a number of swing communities in Seoul, as well as other major cities in Korea, Busan, Daegu, Jeju, etc.  She was asked to teach alongside Nungcle, one of the earliest Lindy Hoppers in Korea. Her focus in dance is always the connection with the partner, which she believes is the key to having a great dance not only with your friends but also with a total stranger!

What: LINDY HOP SWING!!!!!!!  IF you are not familiar with swing dance, here is a short informative clip about swing dance.

For all questions, concerns, or comments.

In English:

Twitter: OmmeyLindy


Add us for updates and cool swing stuff!!!

For English and Korean text: 010-8621-2163





Here are some videos of swing!


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